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At JUST MEDIATE we embrace YOUR dramatic transformation and changes tying you down as being a perception and not who YOU are. Our mission is about YOU and how YOU relate to the external events that determine YOUR conflict.


Mr Pangas was tasked with assisting us draft a Parenting Plan. During my interactions and our sessions I always found Mr Pangas to be professional in his dealings with all parties concerned. He was also very knowledgeable on the Children’s Act and how the Courts operate. He was also very skilled in anticipating areas which would prove to be a problem in the future and advise both parties on a way forward. Mr Pangas display very strong mediation skills in his patient approach in bringing both parties to a resolution. He has an intuitive understanding of the various methods which Successfully convert a dispute into a resolution. I would clearly recommend you as a mediator to any parties of an unresolved conflict.

Khuphukile Ndebele

Mr Pangas has been assisting me in getting the parenting plan drawn up, maintenance plan and has assisted with the divorce agreement and settlement. Mr Pangas has a very warm and friendly approach and is very diligent in his work and dealing with matters that I couldn’t. Mr Pangas is very professional. I firmly believe that Mr Pangas is a great asset to the community or to whomever needs his assistance in family matters.

Anna van Vuuren

Mr Pangas is knowledgeable in his field and always responds to the issue at hand with alacrity and in the most appropriate manner for the specific matter. We have referred Mr Pangas to our own clients with no hesitation or reserve.

Alex Antonie