Workplace Mediation Services

The goal of resolving in a relationship is not victory or defeat. It’s reaching understanding & letting go of our need to be right.

What is Workplace Mediation?

Mediation – a low-cost, time-saving strategy for settling workplace disputes.

The goal of workplace mediation is to empower employees to seize responsibility for their own issues as well as the resolution thereof. Our impartial and independent mediator facilitates communication between people in dispute through a confidential process.

Just-Mediate encourages the parties to view the dispute within the broader context as well as from multiple perspectives. We concentrate on improving and strengthening workplace relationships between people involved in workplace conflict.

Just-Mediate offers a confidential mediation process where South African and Internationally accredited consultants facilitate communication between two or more people in dispute.

Our role is to provide a structured process that assists in identifying the issues, developing options, and come to an agreement to the satisfaction of the parties involved as far as possible.

Mediation saves time and in many instances, mediation regenerates deficient workplace affiliations. Moreover, mediation reduces costs on courts, lawyers, tribunals and investigative processes.

Issues Necessitating Workplace Mediation

HR & IR Integrated Services

Full Payroll Services for Human Resources as well as Industrial Relations.

Just-Mediate provides efficient essential services achieving creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions. These resolutions benefit both the employer and employee, mending and maintaining damaged working relationships and cultivating mutual respect through improved communication.

Mediation motivates the parties to return to their place of employment swiftly and also restores relationships of low-level and long-standing conflict.

Just-Mediate successfully facilitates issues between employees from all levels of an organisation:

  • Among two or more staff members
  • Between staff and managers
  • Within Management or between managers
  • Between staff and customers, clients, or stakeholders
  • Between Partners, Board Members, or Committee Members
  • Within and between teams and groups

Just-Mediate assist in conflict resolutions such as:

  • Intrusive conflict
  • Work and communication style differences
  • Leadership style differences
  • Management of grievances
  • Transmuting work practices
  • Job/Role eccentricity
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Employment termination conditions
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination

Sexual Harassment Complaints

If the parties are willing to discuss the issue in the presence of our impartial mediator, such mediation can have a positive outcome. We create a safe, open and confidential place where they can voice their distress in a controlled way without yelling and swearing. The employer can salvage the relationship between these employees and avoid an expensive and reprehensible litigation.

Challenges Between Employees

People challenge or compete with each other for various reasons. This can be a positive thing given the right environment. To some extend this is good in the workplace as well, but when it gets out of hand, mediation between the rivals can be very effective. Our mediators offer employees the opportunity to finalise agreements about how they will interact in the future.

Abating Performance

A propitious employee can suddenly stop his/her diligent work performance for many different reasons. Mediation between the employee and employer/manager can help them understand each other’s needs, requirements and requests. This way a compromise can be accomplished about how they will work together in future.


When an employer chooses to terminate the service of an employee even though the termination poses litigation risks, mediation on the terms of the separation can be very helpful. The mediation process offers the employee the opportunity to discuss severance needs as well as affect the nature and quality of the severance package. At the same time the employer has the opportunity to eliminate possible litigation.

advantages of mediation

Saves Time & Money

Through our mediation one can speed up settlements and reach agreements faster than through litigation. Thus saving time which, of course, translates to saving money. Going the court-and-lawyer way often unnecessarily draws out the process and can eventually become very expensive.

Holistic Approach

Our mediators provide legal as well as other relevant information to assist parties to make informed decisions taking into account aspects such as fairness, age of children, the children’s best interest, etc. There can be two mediators, one with legal, and one with psychological background.


All discussions and information shared by the parties are confidential. Nothing can be used as evidence in court without consent of both parties and no mediators shall become witnesses. Court proceedings may become publicised, but what happens in the mediation room, stays there.


To go the mediation route, is completely voluntary. You choose if and how, and are free to end the mediation at any stage. Our mediator is impartial and does not impose decisions, but rather helps parties to understand each other’s position, so to reach a voluntary, mutually accepted agreement.

Greater Control

Our mediator simply facilitates the discussion of the problem between the parties to make sure each one gets a fair chance to voice their concerns. This way the parties share control over their lives after divorce and not the judge. Each one holds the power to decide about their futures in their own hands.


A mediation session is informal, cordial and keeps distress to a minimum. It happens at a convenient venue as well as time and is kept simple and flexible to improve communication. Our mediator is neutral and experienced and offers support in difficult situations to both parties alike.

High Success Rate

Agreements reached in our mediation sessions are voluntary. Our impartial mediator facilitates co-operative efforts to reach mutually agreed upon settlements which are not imposed on them. This mostly results into parties diligently following their own stipulations in the agreement.

Preserve Relationships

Unsolved conflict can unfortunately completely destroy relationships. During our impartial mediation we focus on effective communication, respect towards each other, fairness and reasonable behaviour. Relationships need to be preserved because people have to live and work together.

Our Client Stories

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Jaco Cronje

I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend the services of Just-Mediate and have been completely satisfied with their performance in various matters relating to mediation, civil claims and general enquiries.

Just-Mediate offered me high quality services and i am impressed by their professionalism and admirable qualities. The knowledge and attention to detail demonstrated by Mr Pangas delivered  the desired results and accomplishments.

Mr Pangas is not only thorough, but is always willing to take time to discuss my concerns and to respond to questions and / or clarify any uncertainties…

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Mrs Agigail Viveiros

In my dealings with Jonathan Pangas, I have found him to be an incredibly competent mediator during exceptionally difficult matters. Jonathan is hard-working, attends to matters promptly and is professional in all his work.

I have found him to be ethical, fair and his heart lies in finding the best solution for all parties. Jonathan will investigate all aspects of a matter in meticulous detail before he comes to any conclusions or recommendations.

He has a particular concern for finding the best interest of any children involved in any matter.
Jonathan has an amazing insight into people, like I have never seen before.

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