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“A mediator is an impartial outsider who tries to aid the negotiators in their quest to find a compromise agreement.”

– Howard Raiffa


Passionate Mediators

Sincere Mediation

At Just-Mediate we are passionate about the strife, controversy, and conflict that YOU are challenged and faced with. Although we need to approach the mediation from an academic and clinical perspective to be successful, we also are passionate about sharing your emotion.

We know very well that during conflict emotion clouds reason, therefore one cannot simply ignore the emotional side of conflict mediation. We also understand the vulnerability of the weaker party in any conflict situation which is why we believe in accommodating emotions by fairly controlling the communication process.

Just-Mediate was established in 2012. We are situated in the West Rand, but we offer mediation services all over the Gauteng area. These sessions happen at a physical venue and time of your choice, or online, using online platforms.

Efficient mediators

Successful Mediation

Just-Mediate provides efficient essential services achieving creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions to conflicts benefiting both parties. Successful mediation cultivates mutual respect through improved communication and mends and maintains damaged personal, working as well as civil relationships.

When needed, our professionally qualified and experienced Just-Mediate mediators makes use of affiliated and likewise accredited and skilled consultants during mediation sessions.

Just-Mediate offers you a free 30 min consultation to break the ice and discuss your options towards a successful resolution of your conflict.


Our Company Backbone

Our Mediators

Our mediators have more than a decade’s experience of mediation behind us. Our ( SA & INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED) registered mediators and arbitrators have conducted several mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluations in a diverse array of disputes.

We have a flexible style in which we attempt to adjust to the needs of the parties and the situation, as opposed to using a single approach for every dispute. We are trained in different techniques from which we can select and adjust as appropriate.

Workplace Mediation at Just-Mediate

Samantha (Sammy) Smith

Administrative Clerk

Diligently and Enthusiastically

Performing Administrative Tasks in the Office


Our mission is to assist you with your conflict and how you relate to external events that determine your conflict, no matter the sphere your conflict originates from.


We endeavour to achieve our mission by offering neutral, professional, and also emotional support to parties caught up in any type of distressing conflict or dispute. By means of our impartial facilitation of their communication, they should be enabled to reach a mutually agreed-upon settlement.


– ADR Accredited Mediator & Arbitrator
Certificate of Competence from ADR International Associate Certified Arbitrator & Master Negotiator

– Certificate in Family Mediation from Mediation Academy – Internationally Accredited Level Family Law Mediation

– SAAM (South African Association of Mediators) Certificate of Accreditation as a Family & Divorce Mediator

– NABFAM (National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators) – successfully met standards.

– FAMSA Mediation Course in Family Mediation

– Life Purpose/Life Coach

– Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence

– Understanding Unconscious Bias

– Ultimate Leadership & Coaching

What we value

Our specialised educational training allowed us to become professional Mediators, Arbitrators, Conciliators or Dispute Practitioners. This is a profession where clients’ emotional and psychological well-being play the most important role. In the midst of emotional or even violent flare-ups we always act in a professional manner. This way we stay in control and inspire trust in the process.

Although we always act in a professional way, we are fully aware of the fact that we work with people’s emotions. We understand the role which hurt, confusion, vulnerability, anger and anguish play in the conflict. Therefore, although completely impartial, we allow empathy to assist us in guiding the communication in such a way that both parties take equal part in reaching a fair agreement.

For us integrity means being honest, ergo, consistently and without compromise adhering to ethical principles and strong morals. Integrity encompasses those ethical values which we live by such as uprightness, decency, fairness, truthfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness and honour.

A substantial proportion of our conflict mediations are in the context of family, especially divorce cases. In most of these cases there is at least one child’s future involved. The law states that agreements much be reached in which the best interest of the child/ren is paramount. Children are extremely vulnerable and their rights have to be protected. It is our passion to ensure that the children, our future, are protected, cared for, educated as well as be given opportunity to develop their interests.

“Within the child lies the fate of the future” – Maria Montessori

By nature of our job we empower vulnerable people which to us is truly rewarding, satisfying as well as inspiring. To see how desperate, depressed, angry, oppressed, devastated, hopeless or deeply traumatised persons respond to fair treatment and a safe, controlled environment, is our reward. We create a space in which both parties have equal opportunity to voice their concerns as well as have equal say in the agreement without fear or intimidation. They are in control of the agreement and not a judge or court. After successful agreement is reached, both parties go out empowered to face the world.e can.

We have a special interest in assisting with people with disabilities. All people should have the same rights and opportunities befitting their personal abilities. Just-Media is devoted to assisting with disabled persons in any which way we can.

“Disabled children are equally entitled to an exciting and brilliant future” – Nelson Mandela

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