Having a professional will prepared is an unpleasant grudge purchase for many people, and one which is often put off.
But a will is a vital important legal document that has a significant impact on how your family, or those dearest to and dependant on you, live after you pass on .
Economical toil and prudence can be undone by not having a will.
The task of drafting an appropriate, viable and valid will should be entrusted to the care of a JUST MEDIATE consultant because, unlike most other errors, this is one that cannot be remedied.
A will should be reviewed and updated from time to time. A change in your personal and financial circumstances should automatically trigger a review.
Tax legislation or decisions made by the courts also impact on wills and estate planning.
When drafting a will JUST MEDIATE heed to the following:
Your unique personal and family circumstances
Particular obligations you may have such as a divorce order and dependants
Tax efficiency: JUST MEDIATE will advise on the capital gains and estate duty implications of your current estate plan and use skills to manage or reduce the tax
The liquidity of your estate JUST MEDIATE will make recommendations on improving your estate so as to avoid the unnecessary realisation of assets